A Short Speech: The Benefits Of Playing Basketball

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Benefits of Basketball Basketball has become one of the most popular sports all over the world. Both men and women play it, but do we know that there are many benefits from it? No we do not we usually just play for fun or for the love of the sport. Basketball benefits us by burning calories, building endurance, and develops good team player attitude. So when you play this sport think about how much it is benefiting you. Hopefully it will encourage you to play more. Basketball is a fast paced sport which requires shooting, running, dribbling, passing, rebounding, defense, jumping, and much more. It was proven that playing basketball for an hour can burn up to 630 calories to 750 calories. It’s a good way of keeping in shape. In the sport of basketball you’re always going to be in motion unless someone is shooting a free throw or there was a timeout called. In sports like football, baseball, and volleyball there is always a stop in action. Playing basketball is like running suicides, doing vertical jumping drills, and doing lunges all at once for the whole duration of the game. Basketball can be a very tough and demanding game that requires the players to be in great physical shape. All parts of your body must be strong and ready when needed. When playing this sport…show more content…
You thought you were just playing with some friends just for the fun of it. In reality though its helping you burn calories to get into better shape, helping you build endurance, and helping you become a better team player. You get to help yourself all while getting to have fun at the same time and you don’t usually get to do that with everything else. There are tons of other things playing benefit, these are just a few of them. Kevin Durant once said “hard work beats talent when talent doesn’t work hard.” So if playing basketball on the daily is hard work you’re going to become really talented and could have a bright future in the

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