Beloved Frederick Douglass To Freedom Analysis

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Blake Overland Sanders/Youmans Modern Civilization 5 March 2012 The Inspiration That Drove Frederick Douglass to Freedom In Frederick Douglass's narrative of his life, there is a key turning point in the story when Douglass is staying with the Auld family learning the alphabet that comes to shift the inspiration and drive that existed in his life. Mr. Auld says things to Douglass in this passage that helps him understand the way that the white man feels about slaves and why they treat blacks like animals while at the same time also showing him the way out of slavery indirectly (1018). The specific passage mentioned earlier is very short, but can be seen as one of the most important parts of the entire work. Out of all the slave owners Douglass ever came into contact with, Mr. Auld can be seen in light of this story as one of the more significant. His view of Frederick also gives the reader a firsthand look at the way the slave owners in the South really…show more content…
Mainly Frederick teaches himself and becomes an educated man (1018). Those two things are just the beginning of Douglass's new start in life and his transformation leading to becoming a free man. He endured many other trials and tribulations that made him a stronger, better man, but without this experience, his education would not have come the same way and he might not have been as passionate about becoming a free man if it was not for Mr. Auld. As mentioned earlier, this passage shows that people can be used to make a difference in life even if they appear to be doing evil or wrong in the present. It seems that Frederick truly believes that everything happens for a reason. He says, “I was gladdened by the invaluable instruction which, by the merest accident, I had gained from my master...” (1018). It is remarkable what a man can become with something as simple as an

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