Great Gatsby Passage Analysis

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The Great Gatsby Passage 2 Commentary F. Scott Fitzgerald gave his novel The Great Gatsby much more depth than is first observed by the reader. One can read the novel, and be completely enthralled by the story without noticing the complexity it contains. A closer look at the novel reveals so much more to the reader than could be imagined, by examining the careful word choice chosen by the author. In this passage, Fitzgerald makes particular use of his language to make evident the theme of pride. Pride can be a good thing, but it can often have negative connotations. The owl-eyed man is generally an example of the positive form of pride, which in this passage is first shown in his eagerness to reveal his findings to Nick and Jordan. It is said that, “he wheeled excitedly around”, and then he proceeds to talk about Gatsby’s library. the owl-eyed man’s excitement shows he is proud of his discovery, and that he wishes to share it with anyone who walks into the room and will listen. This point continues to be proven when he says, “As a matter of fact you needn’t bother to ascertain. I ascertained.” The reader can easily see this being said in a high and mighty manner; his tone is clearly one of pride. This is a moment where the owl-eyed man takes on a form of pride with more of a negative connotation, as he takes away the responsibility of “ascertaining” from Jordan and Nick as if he feels they should have done so earlier and now since they have not done so, he will have to inform them. He is still proud of what he has found out, because he feels that it is important enough to share. The owl-eyed man then comments that, “This fella’s a regular Belasco…What thoroughness! What realism!” This shows his pride in Gatsby, returning to the more positive connotation of pride. The man sees Gatsby as a master, and looks up to him, showing pride in another person: genuine
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