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President Obama’s A More Perfect Union speech that he delivered conveyed many messages about his beliefs concerning racism. He starts off explaining how the founders of our nation made the Constitution creating all men equal, but not actually practicing that idea. Obama is the son of a white woman and a Kenyan man, and there is much criticism about his supporters supporting him purely because of his race. His former pastor, Reverend Jeremiah Wright recently spoke some very controversial words concerning the issue of racism, which created much unease. Obama goes on to say that his former pastor is a good man, that he just has lived and grew up in a time where segregation and the Jim Crow Laws were very much legal in the U.S. The anger and hostility of not being able to achieve something of oneself is felt not only in the African American community, but also in portions of the white community. Obama’s solution to ending this anger of diversity and discrimination is to work together and to move past some of the terrible things that have happened, and take our lives into our own hands and take responsibility for our own lives. We need to come together as a nation and improve our health care, jobs, and schools. After reading this speech I must say that President Obama definitely has some great points that made me really think about our society and how the older generations have really affected peoples lives today. I live in an upper middle class society where I have all the tools that I need to succeed right in front of me. I am lucky, but I know that there are many other people out in our nation who are struggling just to get by because of what kind of health care and job systems we have set up. Obama’s solution to help fix our country is take self-initiative and take our own lives into our own hands and stop waiting for someone or something to happen in order for

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