Garveyism Essay

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Garveyism Development of the main ideas involved in Garvey’s Theory Tanisha Luton 092164558 The Mico University College October 26, 2011 Dr.N.Fisher Question a. Explain the concept Garveyism. b. Discuss the major issue that motivated Garvey to develop TWO of the main ideas involved in his theory. Essay Plan In the first aspect of the paper the aim will be to thoroughly describe and give details of the doctrine of Garveyism. Secondly the aim will be to speak about the era in which Garvey grew up, the conditions that pervade and the issues that stirred Garvey to develop TWO of the central ideas involved in his theory. Introduction "A race without authority and power is a race without respect." Marcus Mosiah Garvey Marcus Mosiah Garvey was a man that lived a life with a mission. Although his journey may have seemed impossible, his never-ending strength and dedication caused many people’s dreams and wishes to become realities. Garvey is considered a prophet by his followers, because of the inspiration he brought to the black race. He took a group of people that thought they had no place in this world and united them together which gave them pride in their race. He also had a tremendous affect on the creation of Rastafarianism. Even though he could not find enough support for his movement to succeed in Jamaica, Garvey gave Rasta’s the guidance they needed to rise above their oppressors which led them to create a movement for the black race in Jamaica. When Marcus Mosiah Garvey passed away his words were not forgotten. His message is still alive in reggae music and his actions have greatly impacted the black race. (Clarke, 1973). In this section of the essay, the researcher will endeavour to explain the theory of Garveyism, who coined this theory, what this theory really embodies and what it
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