Behaviourism In Health And Social Care Essay

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health and social care. A way to explain behaviour is in terms of learning, this form of explanation is called the learning theory. Behaviourism is the theory that focuses on human behaviour using the form known as conditioning to explain the process of learning. A US psychologist known as Ivan Pavlov founded behaviourism, he conducted a research into the digestive system using dogs as his experiment, he focused on there salvation reflexes although its their nature to salivate by the smell of food he found something particular interesting . Pavlov noticed when he rang the bell the dogs would start to salivate as usual on receiving it. Pavlov rung the bell a few times without food and the dogs started to salivate. The dogs learnt to associate…show more content…
The pub is presented being the cigarette because every time she goes to the pub she tends to smoke a lot. In the terms of the classical conditioning Smoking is an unconditional response meaning it’s a natural reflex; her going to the pub is an the conditional stimulus; which means that it is being used to produce the unconditional response; and finally the smoking in response to the pub. Wendy should replace the pub with something active which may help hinder her behaviour because she is changing her routine. Operate Conditioning many suggest Wendy should perhaps replace the stimulus to nicotine gum, nicotine patches and nicotine inhaler which are all available over the counter or by prescription. These can help hinder her behaviour as well as reinforcing her to stop Encouragement from family; friends and co-workers can give her extra support whilst giving her positive reinforcement. By Wendy controlling the reinforcements which are the responses to her behaviour she is shaping her behaviour. This is known as behaviour modification, shaping behaviour can be achieved by reinforcing Reponses to help her build up her desired behaviour. Conclusion I noticed that classical and operate conditioning could be used to solve several situations that a individual may have in relation to the health and social care
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