Barriers In Diversity

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Barriers in Diversity Brandon Farley HCA230 September 29, 2010 Nicole Franklin Barriers in Diversity Nationality can have a potential barrier in health communication if the patient does not like the caregiver because of his or her nationality. I had a caregiver that I was not able to understand because of a language barrier. So the next time I had a caregiver who reminded me of this caregiver because they were of the same nationality I allowed a barrier to influence me because of one bad experience. Lifestyle is another barrier that can interfere with the care a patient or client may receive because the caregiver might allow personal feelings get in the way of the professional side. An example I can give is, I had gone to a caregiver in regards to my daughter, while the caregiver was asking me some questions about my personal history, some that may have had an effect on my daughters issues, the caregiver gave an expression that showed how she felt about the question on a personal note. She had clearly expressed to me that she did not approve my lifestyle. By a caregiver expressing this, it automatically created a communication barrier, and I chose to not ever return to this caregiver again. Health is something that may cause a barrier too my way of some patients may have health issues that are due to some bad habits and or choices they do in life that may be a big part of the health issue. An example I can think of is, my father in-law did not like to go to the emergency department when he was having a difficult time breathing because he was a heavy smoker and he did not like that the caregivers from past experiences have told him he needed to quit smoking. So unfortunately he was afraid to go to any other caregiver just because of this which only made his health issues more serious. Educational status can be another barrier because some individuals

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