Hesi Psych Essay

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At a support meeting of parents of a teenager with polysubstance dependency, a parent states, "Each time my son tries to quit taking drugs, he gets so depressed that I'm afraid he will commit suicide." The nurse's response should be based on which information? * Addiction is a chronic, incurable disease. * Tolerance to the effects of drugs causes feelings of depression. * Feelings of depression frequently lead to drug abuse and addiction. * Careful monitoring should be provided during withdrawal from the drugs. Correct The priority is to teach the parents that their son will need monitoring and support during withdrawal (D) to ensure that he does not attempt suicide. Although (A and C) are true, they are not as relevant to the parent's expressed concern. There is no information to support (B). 2. An elderly female client with advanced dementia is admitted to the hospital with a fractured hip. The client repeatedly tells the staff, "Take me home. I want my Mommy." Which response is best for the nurse to provide? * Orient the client to the time, place, and person. * Tell the client that the nurse is there and will help her. Correct * Remind the client that her mother is no longer living. * Explain the seriousness of her injury and need for hospitalization. Those with dementia often refer to home or parents when seeking security and comfort. The nurse should use the techniques of "offering self" and "talking to the feelings" to provide reassurance (B). Clients with advanced dementia have permanent physiological changes in the brain (plaques and tangles) that prevent them from comprehending and retaining new information, so (A, C, and D) are likely to be of little use to this client and do not help the client's emotional needs. 3. A 65-year-old female client complains to the
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