My Strange Addiction

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Addiction the “Strange Side” Jennifer Fernandez Addiction can take on many forms some of which we call “normal” or “usual” addictions, these can be gambling, alcohol, and even over eating. Others are a bit different, a little on the “odd” or “strange” side. There are more people who suffer from these strange addictions then I realized. After watching the show “My Strange Addiction” on TLC, I was amazed how many more addictions there really were. The one that I am going to talk about is a young man named Nathaniel who suffers from the addiction of objectophilia, which is when someone develops a strong sexual and emotional relationship with and inanimate object. His object is his car that he has named Chase. He explained how he met Chase in a used car parking lot a few years…show more content…
His father was defiantly taken back by the news. He asked Nathaniel how he could carry on a relationship with a car. His son explained to him that he was able to feel the cars energy and able to tell when he was happy. He also explained how he and Chase had intimate relations which included touching, rubbing, and masturbating under the car. Even hand washing the car was a turn on to Nathaniel. His father also encouraged him to see a therapist to help him deal with how others might view him and how to deal with the ridicule. Because of his addiction he cannot have a serious relationship with a member of the opposite sex nor does he have a desire too. He has a hard time dealing with any situation if Chase is out of his site for more than 24 hours and rarely lets anyone else drive him. He gets extremely upset and brought to tears at the thought of something happening to Chase, and them not being able to be together any more. Another consequence of his addiction is that he has lost contact with his father since revealing his addiction to him, although his relationship with his mother remains
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