BSBHRM402A: Recruit Select And Induct Staff

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BSBHRM402A: Recruit, select and induct staff Assessment activity 1 Job title | Time spent | manager | 12h/m | supervisor | 4h/m | Assessment activity 2. 1. job description: waiter | manager: James Date: 22/7/15 | competencies | works fast and under pressure | RSA | work safely | customer service | handling money | communicating | physical activities | organising | Skills | multi-tasking | stamina | communication | memory | Knowledge | Dealing with complaints | customer service | Hygrene | food nutrition | Performance standards | friendly and Polie | clean | Reliable | 2. ensure quality of food or experience inform customers accountabilities: ensure quality of food and service ensure…show more content…
Generic Questions (Exploring experience/skills) * What computer systems have you used? * Tell us a little about your experience in Quality & HR. Please provide a specific example. * What are your three key strengths? * What are three areas for development and what plans do you have in place to work on these development areas? * Do you have a preference to the size of organisation you would like to work for? Administration/Organisation * Tell me about how you make your work as accurate as possible. * How do you go about checking for errors in your

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