Benihana Essay

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Trevor Virgle Professor Zellerbach Benihana Challenge 1: How do you think a batching strategy affects throughput? Why? ◦I think that the batching affects the throughput of the company in a positive way. Grouping people in bunches and sitting them together is what keeps people moving instead of waiting in line. It gets people to come in to the restaurant and leave with the highest level of satisfaction possible. When people can sit down and enjoy themselves without being rushed in an abrupt manner, customers seem to enjoy themselves a lot more. The throughput is directly connected with the batching because it gets the most people seated at a table in the fasted amount of time. 1 What are the potential disadvantages of batching? Why? ◦The potential disadvantage to batching is that some customers may want their own privacy. Batching groups random people together to dine together, and some people may not be comfortable enough to dine in this manner. Another possible disadvantage with batching customers is that the customer may not feel able to communicate with the cook or waiter as well with so many distractions around. This can ruin a dining experience for some people. 2 How does batching affect profitability and utilization? Why? ◦Batching affects profitability by getting all the customers to see and appreciate the same experience together. The amount of food that is ordered at a time also helps with the profitability of the company. It saves food so that the chef is not making individual meals for people. Instead, he is making a meal for several people so the time spent cooking is reduced, while the money coming in for the food is increased. It affects utilization in the same way. The customer’s all get their food at once and it saves a lot of the chef’s time by making everything together. This utilizes the time that the customers have as
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