The Aztecs: A Powerful Empire?

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You may ask are the Aztecs a powerful empire? I do believe the Aztecs were a powerful empire. Actually, they were a very powerful empire, but just ended up dying because of some of their beliefs, mistakes, and some Spaniard coincidences. First, the Aztecs lost to the Spaniards because they thought the Spaniards were their gods. Hernando Cortes and his crew had some of the attributes of their god, red hair, beard, all that, and ended up thinking their gods were returning to them. So all of the Aztec weapons were all somewhere in their house or storage, and instead they had presents and food to give their so-called “gods”, which meant that they were not going to fight at first. You may say that the Aztecs had a lot of gold and land. Having a lot of gold and land does not always mean you are a powerful empire. In this case, they were, but the Aztecs did not know the best way that they captured most of the villages and told them they had to give sacrifices, and forced them to do whatever the Aztecs needed them to do. As a big empire, when you have lots of land that also splits your forces farther from each other since you have to defend that area too. It is just like the quote in Spider-Man, “With great power comes great responsibility.” Now for some tens or hundreds of villages who hated the Aztecs and would do anything to get them back, or revenge as they call it, they would join any force to rebel back against the Aztecs, and that includes the Spaniards, which the villages did later in the fight against the Aztecs. One reason tat may go against the Aztecs being a powerful empire is their leader. The Montezuma did not react to the deaths the Spaniards caused and the enemy forces the Spaniards were gathering to attack him. He just kept the fact that they were their returning gods. If I was in the Montezuma’s position and following my beliefs, I would know from
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