Aztec Civilization Research Paper

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World Civ Final Aztec Civilization There is not one civilization I can think of that has stayed fundamentally similar from the rise of civilization to the end. I believe this is because competition with neighboring civilizations caused them to adapt to try to be more advanced. Although If I had to chose one civilization that had not changed much it would have to be the Aztec civilization. I am hesitant to say the Aztecs because their civilization did not last the entire time from early beginning of civilization to the end of it. Aztecs did hold true to their fundamental beliefs from the start of their civilization to the end. It is hard to say that they had an opportunity to adapt much over their short time period of existence. I will explain the reason I chose the Aztecs and compare their civilization to that of the others that we learned about to show just how much the…show more content…
They were successful in doing so. The reason for this was because the Aztecs had core military beliefs that helped them gain advantage over the people surrounding them. They also had a civilization that worshiped human sacrifice. One can imagine going against and army of people who are hard to attack due to where they live, but also a people who do not mind dying because they truly believe they are dying for a divine cause. This would make one intimidating army to go against. It was this religious practice that was the reason for the Aztecs to be exiled to begin with. An example of the type of thinking amongst the average Aztec can be found in their poetry. One poem is about how everything breaks, “Even though it be gold it breaks…” this line of the poem to me exemplifies further the common thought of death not being a concern to these people. Gold to some may be worth dying for but to these people they see it as another thing in this world that will not always
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