Asthma Diet Influences

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Choice of Dietary Intake Influences Asthma in Child Asthma Patient Quality of Life Different kind of food has both benefits and negative effects for human body. Therefore, children who are not concerning about their eating habits are more likely to consume unhealthy food to fulfil their physchological needs. Hence, it is important to develop understanding that choice of food play a role in human health. According to three case studies ‘Fast foods – are they a risk factor of asthma’ by Dr K. Wickens, Barry, Friezema, Rhodius, Bone, Purdie, and Crane from Wellington Asthma Research Group and Wellington School of Medicine and Health Sciences in 2005, ‘Fast food consumption counters the protective effect of breastfeeding on asthma in children?’…show more content…
Case control study included the children who has allergist-diagnosed asthma and non asthmatic children with total of 723 children from different family in province Manitoba, Canada. Children who contributed in this study case has done a physical examination by Canadian Asthma Consensus Guidelines to ensure asthma diagnosis amongst children. The questionnaires on how often children eat fast food per week in the last 12 months are also given to the parents. As a result, children who breastfed more than 12 weeks and occasionally or never consume fast food has a lesser risk to have asthma disease (Mai et al, 2009). However, it was found a weakness from this case study, Mai et al (2009) state that they fail to present a boastful survey to prevent bias that might occur during the process of the case…show more content…
‘Our findings indicate that a high dietary intake of commonly consumed fruits and vegetables and nuts may have a protective role on the prevalence of asthma-like symptoms and allergic rhinitis’ (Leda et al, 2006). Fruit and vegetables that have a high content of nutrition such as antioxidants, vitamin A and vitamin C and Mediterranean diet lead a prevention of wheezing symptoms in children aged between 7 – 18 years old in Cretze. The questionnaire which has been translated into Greek, has been spread to families who have allergist-diagnosed asthma. Children who have contributed in this study case were required to do skin prick test regarding their each level of asthma; it presents about 690 children in total including girls and boys. The discussion shows that children with atopy never wheezing have largest number of fruits and vegetables consumption (Leda et al, 2006). In addition, Mediterranean diet explains on how low consumption of meat may help people in Cretze to have a healthy life. Moreover, the main weakness of this study is failed to address how the fast food consumption in Cretze may become a factor that influence wheezing and allergic which have been explained in advance. However, Leda et al (2006) point out that there is lack of information regarding about

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