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Case Study 1.7 1.The lesions are diagnostic of shingles also known as Herpes Zoster. This was derived from the chief complaint of the child’s mother. The mother of the child explained that the spots on the child’s back popped up two to three days back and the baby had no fever and seemed well. Upon examination it was noted that there was a group of seven to eight blister like lesions localized to the left of the babies spine. Patrick Guilfoille explains in his book “Chicken Pox Deadly Disease and Epidemics” that shingles is a viral infection characterized by blisters that are usually located on one side of the body. In the case of the baby these blisters are located on back (page68). 2. Chicken pox. Shingles does not usually occur in babies, but if a baby is exposed to chicken pox earlier in life and months later the babies immune system is compromised that baby can develop shingles. 3.According to Patrick Guilfoille the same Varicella Zoster Virus is responsible for both chicken pox and shingles. Shingles is the reactivation of the virus in the affected person. The reactivation occurs when that individual’s immune system is suppressed. The link between the baby’s present condition and the three-year-old sisters is that, the three year old might have transferred the virus to the six month old through touch, coughing or sneezing. As it is with shingles the virus was dormant for four month till the time that their mother noted the blister like lesions on the babies back (page17). 4.The baby did not have symptomatic illness when his sister was experiencing it because at the time, the baby was being breast fed by the mother. This means the baby was getting natural antibiotics from his mother through the breast milk. Two moths after the cessation of breast-feeding, the baby did not have that protection anymore. His immune system was compromised therefore the

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