Assignment 206 Understanding the Role of the Social Care Worker

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Working relationship | Personal relationship | A working relationship is a relationship where time is spent with both colleagues and service user during working hours. This relationship means there is little or no contact out of working hours. The relationship is strictly professional. | a personal relationship is where personal life and extracurricular activities and social life become involved with service users and other staff. | Working relationships do not allow arguing, accepting differences, discussing interests/beliefs and personal life problems between the participants of the relationship. | personal relationships do allow such things. | Working relationships are established between colleagues, service users and other professionals. Sharing information on staff and service users is limited within a working relationship. Organisational policies and procedures are in place and must be followed such as data protection | personal relationships there are no such regulations and the sharing of information has no limits. Personal relationships can also be formed with anybody. | A1 A2 The relationship between the social care worker and service user is a type of working relationship in the adult care setting. The social care worker must have a working relationship with service users.The relationship between the social care worker and line manager is another example of a working relationship. This relationship must stay professional within the adult care setting. A3 It is very important that you work in partnership with your colleagues and all other people. Thiswill include carers, families, advocates, doctors, nurses occupational therapists, other health professionals, social workers, voluntary organizations and other people, this is to ensure the best possible support and care is given. other people may be able to

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