Assignment 204 Task a

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A Safeguarding reminder for those who work in the care profession Types of abuse and there signs and symptoms Physical abuse: when a person is physically harmed by someone who is responsible for their care. Signs and symptoms of physical abuse would be: * Cuts, scratches, bite marks * Scalds, burns * Untreated skin conditions * Failure to report a medical condition which leads to deterioration or distress. Sexual abuse: is the forcing of undesired sexual behaviour by one person upon another. Signs and symptoms of sexual abuse would be: * Bruising in genital area * Not wanting to be touched * Emotional distress Financial abuse: illegal or unauthorised use of a person’s money, pension or other valuables. Signs and symptoms of financial abuse would be: * Missing personal possessions * Lack of clothing and/or toiletries * Unexplained money withdrawals * Unexplained paranoia Institutional abuse: the mistreatment of a person from a system of power. Signs and symptoms of institutional abuse would be: * Poor or lack of communication with residents * Poor standards of cleanliness * Low staff morale Neglect by others: when a person is neglected by those who are responsible for their care. Signs and symptoms of neglect by others would be: * Inadequate heating and/or lighting * Basic needs not been met * Uncared for in appearance Emotional/ psychological abuse: when a person is treated in a way that causes emotional or psychological harm. Signs and symptoms of emotional/psychological abuse would be: * Compulsive behaviour * Overly anxious to please * Loss of skills or abilities Self-neglect: when a person harms or neglects themselves. Signs and symptoms of self-neglect would be: * Unexplained cuts or marks * Dirty or unkempt appearance * Not eating
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