Unit Hsc 024: Principles of Safeguarding and Protection in Health and Social Care.

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Please define the following types of abuse and list some of the signs and/or symptoms associated with each type of abuse HSC 024 1.1 1.2  Physical abuse Definition: Physical abuse can be anything from hitting, kicking and pushing to misusing medication, using inappropriate or rough moving and handling techniques. With holding medication or giving more than the prescribed does can be classed as abuse. Using restraints when not needed or as a form of punishment is also viewed as physical abuse. Lack of personal care such as being unclean or wearing dirty clothes. Being malnourished can be classed as physical abuse. Signs/symptoms: Signs of physical abuse can be injuries such as bruises, cuts and burns. These abuse injuries are usually in easily hidden places that cant be seen, they are unexplained and can go untreated to avoid being found. Physical injuries that are being inflicted over a period time are often in different stages of healing. Weight loss and unkempt appearance can be signs of abuse. Being scared of contact and flinching away could be signs that abuse is being used. Noticing medication running out quickly could be a indicator that medication is being over used just as medication not running out could show that medication is not being given.  Sexual abuse Definition: Sexual abuse is any kind of sexual activity is forced upon a vulnerable person. Having no consent or abusing a person who is unable to give consent due to illness or mental state is sexual abuse. Pressuring someone into any kind of sexual activity or showing inappropriate sexual material such as pornography is abuse. Asking inappropriate questions or revealing sexually inappropriate things about yours to a vulnerable person is also classed as abuse. Signs/symptoms: There are physical and psychological signs and symptoms of sexual abuse. Physical

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