Assignment 1: Analyzing The Classroom Management Plan

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Analyzing the Classroom Management Plan Analyzing the Classroom Management Plan Richard Ness Kaplan EP 101 Sec 01 Kaplan University   Upon reviewing the Classroom Management Plan, I found almost all aspects of the classroom covered. Those that were addressed were covered fairly completely, with a few exceptions. The visual environment was explained fairly well, but could have more added, especially visually motivational posters. I will explore this plan in detail and fill in a few blanks, and I should be able to come up with a complete plan that coincides with my educational philosophy. The arrangement of the classroom can be used for different activities in different circumstances. Putting the seats in groups allows students to work with other students and help each other out. Interacting with other students can be beneficial as long as it does not interfere with…show more content…
I cannot come up with any improvements except perhaps the seating arrangement plan. I would allow for more types of grouping and a semi-circle configuration for lectures. I like the idea of having the desk in the back of the classroom for keeping an eye on the students. This will allow for the teacher to observe without being seen. I believe there is a place for a paraprofessional in this classroom, as there is a need for them in all classrooms. Their presence can only be a boon to the teacher, with sharing the work load and correcting papers and all that they can do. This is a good plan and should be a template for an efficient, comforting, motivating
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