Tda 2.10 Support Learning Activities

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TDA 2.9: Support Learning Activities 3. Be able to support learning activities 3.4 Describe the sorts of problems that might occur when supporting learning activities and how to deal with these 1. Noise - Sometimes during class children can become distracted by noise from inside or outside the classroom things such as other classrooms, people on the hallway or teachers themselves. One way to try and stop this problem would be to close the doors and any windows in the classroom, and also trying to remind the children to work as quietly as possible and raise their hand to speak rather than shout out if they would like some help. 2. Insufficient resources - Many of the activities set by the teacher involve the use of a number of different things like books, pencils & crayons, scissors, glue, rulers coloured paper etc. Unfortunately sometimes there are not always enough of these items for every child to have their own, sometimes causing a delay in the work being completed (due to trying to locate extra supplies or waiting their turn). This problem is managed by preparing for the lesson before it begins, making sure there are sufficient resources for the class, and also by making sure the children know to help and to share with each other’s whenever they can. 3. Having an inclusive class (with a wide spectrum of abilities) - Another problem which can happen when supporting learning activities, is making sure that the all children are engaged, involved and fully understand the task that has been set, when there is such a wide spectrum of abilities within the group you’re working with. This can be dealt with in several ways, such as splitting the class into ability based groups, encouraging high ability children to help those who are struggling to make them feel more included (this also helps to keep the class working on a similar
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