Article Summary: Hanging In The Balance

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Sean Myers SRE #2 Hanging in the Balance This article was an awesome read, and really taught me a lot. Growing up we learn so much about pilgrims and native Americans, some of the first people to live here in America. Of course, the pilgrims came to America from Europe in hopes of settling down in what would later become an independent nation. The Native Americans on the other hand, had been in America for many years years before the settlers came and started to move them out of the way. As a nation, America should be proud of the first people that lived there, and should embrace Native Americans as a part of our history. However, this has not always been the way that America looks at Native Americans, as this country went through a time in the late 19th century when we wanted to eradicate their entire population, and take all their land for ourselves and our westward expansion. Because of these selfish, inhumane ideas, terrible things like The Trail of Tears happened, and if Indian tribes were not being killed, they were being converted by force. One of the things that suffered along with the Native American cultures and tribes, was their languages. These beautiful, sophisticated…show more content…
We are always taught that the white settlers came and took all the Indians’ land and killed many of them in doing so. Both of those are terrible things, but it is even more important to look more closely, and realize the smaller, just as important things that were ruined, like the incredible, self taught languages that they developed. Now, we can look back and appreciate the language for being so incredible, but we can also look back feeling shameful that something like that happened. It is such a shame that a sense of greed (land and expansion) on the settlers’ parts led to the destruction and near extinction of the people that were here
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