How Did Christopher Columbus Discovered America

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Scalping Report Riley Taylor CHA 3U1 September 29,13 Long ago, before Christopher Columbus discovered America, the Native Americans ruled the land that we call home today. In 1492 European colonization of the Americas began and this is when the Europeans came into America. (Pálsson, Hermann (1965)) Many people today are curious as to who started scalping, The European colonists or the Native Americans. Did the Europeans introduce scalping to the Natives or were the Natives already practicing this before the colonists had arrived. Scalping is defined as the act of cutting or tearing the skin covering the top of the human head, or a peace of hide from the skull of certain animals, used as a trophy of victory. They could use these…show more content…
Europeans were the ones who encouraged and carried out much of the scalping that went on in the history of white/native relations in America. Native tribes men refuse to say that they had scalped first. Scalping in North America was seen increasingly as European settlers colonized the continent. After the Europeans introduce scalping to North America, many native tribes began to use it. While Europeans were using scalping as a source of torture and revenge, the Natives were very careful with what they did. They made sure they were not to waste anything, as it would be disrespectful to their creator. While hunting they used all parts of the animal being sure not to waste anything. The humans were considered to be just as sacred as certain animals. In conclusion I believe that the Europeans brought scalping to the natives when they came to colonize. Scalping is a very harsh act that took place up until the 19th century with the last people to do it being the Natives. Although the Europeans introduced scalping, the Natives continued the tradition. Both sides are equally as guilty of this harsh

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