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History 310 F Final Essay After ratification of the United States Constitution in the late 18th century, Alexander Hamilton began unveiling his economic plans for the government. Hamilton proposed the government should assume all states’ wartime debt and future federal debt should be funded through the sale of bonds (Roark, 212). Hamilton planned for a strong centralized government and for the creation of a national banking system. These economic policies certainly would not take place if a democratic leader like Andrew Jackson was around. As these policies give too much power to the government; possibly leading to corruption or aristocratic leaders. But, as a Federalist, Hamilton disliked democracy and believed debt to be a good tool…show more content…
As a teenager, Jackson had already suffered through the deaths of his mother, father, two brothers, and also spent time as a prisoner of the British during the Revolution (Hollitz, 194-95). It’s a miracle that Jackson even made it to his adulthood, let alone to lead a democratic movement to the top of American politics. Given the choice, we would never want anyone to go through a torturous childhood like Jackson did. Nevertheless, his childhood experiences helped him mold into exactly the type of person the democrats needed. In the 18th century, the common man of America needed someone in politics who they could relate to. They needed someone who had lived through difficult times just as they had, because all the previous presidents came from wellborn slaveholding families (Hollitz, 193). After Jackson had overcome an immense amount of adversity in his youth, he took that strong will to the military and on the…show more content…
The problem is, to achieve this newfound opportunity Jackson wants to remove thousands of Indians from their settlements and move them to Oklahoma (Roark, 260). If you disregard the lives of all the Indians who were massacred for not leaving when Jackson ordered them to, I guess obtaining new land was a good thing. But it’s a bit hard for me to just ignore that harsh racism. Overall, I believe Jackson was a good President and certainly the most influential Democrat. However, in some instances I think he went too far, such as forcefully making Native Americans leave and some of the comments he made about the issue. For example, Jackson says “Toward the aborigines of the country no one can indulge a more friendly feeling than myself, or would go further in attempting to reclaim them from their wandering habits and make them a happy, prosperous people” (Hollitz, 209). But Jackson’s comments don’t seem to coincide with his actions regarding the Cherokee Indians in Georgia. The Cherokee had attempted with great success to become more Americanized, but were ordered by Georgia to leave as per the Indian Removal Act created by Jackson. The Cherokee incorporated laws, a constitution, interracial marriages, and even tried living like whites do. After taking their case to the Supreme Court and winning, Jackson showed his strong loyalty to the democratic

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