Essay On Indian Removal Act

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Indian Removal Act Indians have been here in the United States long before anyone. They had taught the first settlers how to survive on their own, until the aspect of expanding and claiming lands became an issue. For years after the first settlers came to America, Indians had been fighting for their land desperately. It is not until, 1830 when Andrew Jackson propose an act in removal of the Indians and push them to the west of the Mississippi River- the Indian removal act. There are many arguments dealing with this act either for or against it. In this paper I will point out the reasons why people are either for or against this act. There are many aspects and reasons why some people favored the Indian removal act. Grund said…show more content…
The facts from the documents clearly states it- that is if the Indians do not move to the west of the Mississippi River, there will be big problem since the states want the expansion westward. Another reason is because if the Indians do not give up the land to the Americans, sooner or later other people from foreign country will try to obtain the land from them since the Indians is not well equipped with weapons. The population of the Indians is much less than other groups since their race is decreasing, therefore they do not have many people fighting for them. If the Indians cannot be an independent state as they wanted, then why stay? If they did choose to stay the Indians will have to obey the states laws anyways. Why not move to the west of the Mississippi River and try to claim their own independent state there. Lastly, is the race and color card. The Indians are clearly not white men; therefore they would probably be thrown into slavery and be treated like the African American. Even worse, if the Indians bear their grounds many will be killed by the white men for trying to hold the land and the Indian race can be even extinct. Those are the reasons why I am in favor of the removal of the
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