Arms Room Representative Duties

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TASK: Assume duties as the S-2 Section Arms room representative Purpose: Maintain the section Master Authorization List (MAL) to the standards found in: a. AR 190-11 b. AR 190-51 c. AR 710-2 d. DA PAM 710-2-1 a. The basic MAL needs to include every individual assigned to S-2, HHC, 2BCT 82nd ABN DIV. The MAL is usually organized by rank and position in the section. The MAL should also include the type of weapon (i.e. m4)/item of equipment (PVS-14) assigned to each person, the serial number for every piece of equipment and then a total of all pieces of equipment(i.e. m4- 16 , m9- 7 , PVS-14- 5 , etc.). b. Digital or analog methods of tracking can, and should, be used to track S-2’s MAL. Digital is most effective for making updates efficiently and in an organized manner, whereas analog is an effective means to conduct checks while drawing weapons as a section, weekly validation of the MAL with the armorer, and conducting checks on weapons while in the field or deployed. c. Weekly meetings will take place, typically on Tuesday mornings at 0930 in the arms room. This meeting is conducted in order to ensure proper assignment of equipment for personnel in the shop and to allow the armorer to update the company MAL with any and all changes made on the section MAL (i.e. addition of new personnel in the section). d. Weapons cards, DA Form 3749, are required for all personnel in the section. The DA form 3749 will be filled out to the standard found in the regulations cited above. Important requirements include the company commander’s signature, weapon type (m4, not rifle or carbine, PVS-14, not NVG’s) and serial number for the item as well as the name of the appropriate SM with signature (change of company commander does not require new weapons cards as long as the new commander accepts this

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