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AETV-GHF-A 15 Febuary 2012 FROM: SGT SNUFFYCOIC MEMORANDUM FOR: A CO. 2-6 CAV SUBJECT: Key Control Standard Operating Procedure 1. Purpose: This appendix describes NAME Company procedures and responsibilities used by the Key control NCOIC 2. Scope: The policies and procedures contained in this appendix for Alpha company. 3. References: 3.1: AR 190-51 3.2: AR 190-11 3.3: FH Reg 190-3 3.4: AR 735-5 3.5: DA PAM 710-2-1 4. Responsibilities: 4.1: Company Commander 4.1.1 Is ultimately responsible for key control within the unit. 4.1.2 Will appoint on orders using memorandum format a Key Control NCOIC and alternate to act in his behalf on all key control matters. 4.2 Key Control NCOIC 4.2.1 Will establish and monitor the key control program for the unit. 4.2.2 Will sign for all keys and locks within the unit’s responsibility, except for Real Property keys. 4.2.3. Will issue all keys and locks by serial number to the Key Custodians using DA Form 2062. 4.2.4 Will procure, store and issue reserve or backup padlocks. An equivalent of 10% of total locks will be maintained as backup. 4.2.5 Will maintain an alternate key to each padlock in the unit (except for Arms Room Keys or Real Property Keys.) 4.2.6 Will inventory alternate keys quarterly using DA Forms 5513-R. 4.2.7 Will ensure that appropriate actions (cash collection, statement of charges, etc.) are initiated for reimbursement to the government for keys and padlocks that are lost or damaged through negligence. 4.2.8 Will be familiar with FM Reg. 190-3 APP D, AR 190-51, that part of AR 190-11 which pertains to locks and keys and this SOP. 4.2.9 Will conduct and record inspections of custodial

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