CIS 319 Week 1: Use Of Database In My Organization

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Use of Database in My Organization (Week 4) Kevin Struhar CIS/319 Professor Roy Wren October 25, 2007 My company has offices located primarily in the USA, Canada, and Mexico. We specialize in providing logistic solutions to companies such as Coors Brewing and other nationally recognized companies. We manufacture John Deere tractors and distribute them to local dealerships and leasing companies. Different Databases are used to effectively communicate to other dealerships and locations internationally to get the product to the customer in the most efficient way. This paper will discuss some of the databases used to within my company to make sure that the products are getting from point A to point B in a productive manner. Databases…show more content…
This information includes customer name, phone number, delivery address, email, type of organization, and a designated order number for references. Since each order have to through several different departments, it is critical for us to maintain and share this information with all of their employees. GoldMine enables instant access to company-centric view of customer and contact information, including complete histories, sales, and calls (FrontRange Solution 2007). Macromedia Dreamweaver MX is a professional visual editor for creating and managing websites and pages. With Dreamweaver, you can create pages that can be viewed on any browser, any platform. Dreamweaver provides advanced design and layout tools, enabling you to create web pages without writing a line of code. It uses Macromedia's Roundtrip HTML technology to import HTML documents without reformatting the code and you can set Dreamweaver to clean up and reformat HTML when you want to (Macromedia, Inc.…show more content…
Excel includes functions to calculate formulas, perform arithmetic functions, store and perform macros, create graphs and tables, and import data. Excel also allows many spreadsheets to be opened at a time. Formulas are entered at the top of the screen and can be performed on the values indicated. Each spreadsheet can be customized through the addition of headings and various other elements (The University of Iowa 2007). We use Microsoft Excel to keep track of all orders that has been submitted to the factory. The program is specifically used by our company to maintain all records of everything that has to do with an order. (Ex. Order Date, Pieces in Order, Delivery Date, etc.) This program gives all employees information that is needed if a customer calls to ask for an update on their order. Without this type of database there would be extensive hand written files for every new update on an order and would only make things more complicated and time

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