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Nomeil Boston Ms. Hudson World Lit January 30, 2013 Inside Look on Minerva Mirabal Minerva was the third of four sisters. She was the sister who stood up for what she believed in; the sister who spoke up, and did not bite her tongue. Minerva was known for being brave. The beautiful, intelligent, high-minded Minerva, Minerva was always into her rights and wrongs. Minerva wanted to become a lawyer when she got older. “For years Minerva has been agitating to go to law school (Alvarez 10). Of course her family did not believe she could fulfill that dream because for females to become lawyers in her country was illegal. Their dear Minerva was determined to become that lawyer she always dreamed of. “It’s about time we women had a voice in…show more content…
Minerva met Lio through her cousin Jamito. Lio was a special friend of Minerva’s. Lio and Minerva had so many things in common. Much like Minerva, Lio stood up for what he believed in and was against Trujillo. Minerva’s sisters like to think that Lio influenced her to take risk and be dangerous. “Because Lio presented a very real opportunity to fight against the regime. I think that, after him, Minerva was never the same” (Alvarez 66). I knew it was in Minerva to be risk-taking from the first time I read about her in the Novel In the Time of the Butterflies. Minerva caught feelings for Lio whereas he did the same. Minerva stated in the book she was not in love with him they were just comrades in a struggle. We all knew she was falling for him though. Minerva’s mama found out Lio was a communist and was also against Trujillo she said Minerva had to stop seeing him. “For after finding out who Lio was exactly, mama had forbidden Minerva to bring him into the house” (Alvarez 75). She kept Lio away from the house but she did not stop seeing him. Lio had to leave because his name was all over the newspapers and the police were looking for him. When Lio left he said he would write Minerva every day. Lio left, Minerva was not receiving any letters and was kind of curious because he did say he would right her every day. She found out her Papa had been hiding all the letters Lio had been sending her. She
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