Three Differences Between the Hunger Games - Book & Film

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Three differences between The Hunger Games – book & film Even if there exist more than three differences between film and book, I want to point out the ones which seem to me most important. First of all, it was significant, that in the film the Avox Girl is not mentioned as in the book. In the book, the reader gets to know about the backstory between them. Katniss remembers the girl as someone who was trying to escape from the capitol, but then she was catched by the government. Because of that, her tongue was cut out so she can´t speak any more. Katniss feels guilty because she has not tried to help this girl, even if she had the chance to do so. In the movie this relationship is never mentioned. The second difference which I want to point out is the reaction from District 11 to Rue´s death. In the book, Katniss only knows that she receives a gift of District 11 because of her kindness, which is dropped into the arena. In the movie, the reaction of District 11 is shown. They begin to revolt against the Capitol officers who watch over them. They are very angry and fight against the government which let such a young member die, only to have entertainment. The last difference which seems interesting to me belongs to the dog mutations in the final of book and film. In the movie, there is left out one very brutal and crucial thing. The dog mutations in the book have the faces of the death tributes. In the film this feature is totally left out. The viewer does not get to know where these dogs come from or what they are. In summary, I would say that these differences for some people might be annoying if they have read the book first and after that watched the film. Then they might have the feeling that in the film many things are left out. But it is also understandable for me because in the film there cannot be mentioned all the details from the book because there

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