A Secret Sorrow

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Jessica Malise September 19, 2012 English Casual Analysis Essay The Setting In every story, there are many elements that are used to make the story; one that stands out to me and that seems very important is the setting. This element is important because it describes where the story is taking place, as in what generation and the time in a story. This makes it interesting because without a setting the reader would have a harder time understanding exactly what is going on; however because the author gives a story a setting, us as readers get a better idea what is going on. The setting has a major influence on protagonist, antagonist and the mood because the setting helps the reader understand what time the story is taking place. The setting influences the protagonist. A protagonist is the main character of a story; the character that tries to accomplish something throughout the story. Throughout the story “A Secret Sorrow,” Faye is the protagonist because she is trying to accomplish freedom. She feels that because she cannot get pregnant, she is a huge disappointment to her boyfriend Kia and society. We also see Ms. Mallard from “A Story of an Hour,” by Kate Chopin as the protagonist because she is also trying to change. Her change was trying to accomplish being free. The setting also had a major influence on antagonist. An antagonist is someone who is against the protagonist. In Karen Zee’s, “A Secret Sorrow,” the antagonist is Kia, Fayes boyfriend. Faye kept telling him to leave her because she was such a disappointment to society, and being the antagonist he disagreed with her. Even though it took a while for Faye to realize what her freedom was, Kia wouldn’t give up on her. Kia never saw Faye as embarrassing or a disappointment, he saw her as the woman that he wanted to spend the rest of his life with; he was in love. We also see the children from
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