Sinning In Nathaniel Hawthorne's The Scarlet Letter

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Sinning " We are not Hester the worst sinners in the world, there is one worse than even the polluted priest!"(191). Arthur says that they aren't the worst sinners.In the novel The Scarlet letter by Nathaniel Hawthorne, Arthur, Hester are not the worst sinners, Roger chillingworth is. The Least most sinful is Hester Prynne because she Wed the old man. For example, Hester confessed why she had married chillingworth in the first place because first of all they never really loved eachother. She married Roger out of social and economic necessity. When she commits adultrey, she conceals his identity from Dimmesdale. Roger chillingworth visits hester while she is in prison and they both discuss to eachother that their marriage never worked out. Hester says, " I have greatly wronged thee!",(72). Hester is the least sinful because she only committed adultrey and that she never told Arthur chillingworth was her husband. The next most sinful person is Reverend Arthur dimmesdale. For example, When the puritans trusted him and thought " Wow he is an amazing minister!" little did they all know that he was a father to little pearl. He hid behind religion and he couldnt be honest with the puritans and confess his sin of being a father. While Dimmesdale and Hester are in the woods they both ask eachother how they're doing, and hester tells dimmesdale…show more content…
He made the decision to stay when he could've left town. A year later Roger also dies. " There was no more devils work on earth for him to do, it only remained for the unhumanized mortal to betake himself wither his masterwould find himtasks enough to pay him his wages duly,"(2550). Roger chillingworth is the worst greatest sinner because he acted devilish towards Arthur Dimmesdale. He purpousley chose to have anger and hatred towards dimmesdale for the minister his whole
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