Application of Concept Analysis

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Application of concept analysis to clinical practice

Theoretical Founadtions for Nursing Roles And Practice

November 23, 2013
Presence In Nursing Practice;A Concept Analysis
Presence is a very important concept in nursing practice. Presence is very valuable in nursing practice. It is very important to clarify and analyze this concept in order to expand and improve the idea. Since nurses spent most of their time with patients and families the purpose of this paper is to review the importance of presence in nursing practice.
Method of Analysis
Walker and Avant introduced the process of concept analysis in nursing .Walker and Avant is the most common method of concept analysis in nursing .As guided by Walker and Avant, the concept of presence, evaluates the purpose of determination, definition and formulation of patient cases that optimize and compare the concept, and identifies the antecedents and consequences of the concept.
Analysis Purpose A precious part of human experience for both the patient and nurse, study of presence in nursing practice can improve relation between nurse and patient and can reveal the curative effects for healing and recovery. Presence begin from the caring moment itself with the patient and their families. So presence connects the nurse and patient through the sharing of personal experience and understanding.
Uses of the Concept Studies and analyses about the term ’caring presence’ were eliminated, because the underlying

idea of the term ’caring’ has not completely defined.(Smith2001,Brilowski&Wendler2005).The

terms caring and presence can be misunderstood easily and the two terms need to be explained

properly (Gilje 1993, Covington 2002,2003). It is necessary to define the word caring so that

it can be properly distinguished from concepts such as caring, empathy,

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