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Assessment Tool Analysis Papaer NUR/440 November 25, 2013 j Assessment Tool Analysis Papaer In the healthcare industry assessment tools are very useful; nurses and doctors use these tools for different diagnoses. In this paper there will be discussion about three different assessment tools, data about these tools, the validity of the information from these tools, the assessment process using these tools, and applying them to a vulnerable population. Assessment tools are both beneficial to the provider and the patient. The three assessment tools that will be discussed throughout this paper are the Calgary Family Assessment Model, Dysfunctional Attitude Scale, and the Well Being Picture Scale. When a family member is sick or hospitalized it can affect the whole family not just the patient. The Calgary Family Assessment Model is a tool that is used to help assess the whole families needs, not just the patients (Martin-Arfeh, Watson, & Baird, 1999). Most families have a very strong bond and this assessment tool is used to decipher these bonds to help promote the health of the family. This tool can be used in a lot different capacities. There are three different categories in this tool; structural, functional, and developmental. The data gathered from this assessment is then mapped out to show the bonds and the family structure. This is helpful to analyze how family members interact with each other and how each member views other members (Martin-Arfeh, Watson, & Baird, 1999). This tool can be used to assess multiple different family types. The vulnerable population that could best utilize this tool is either a well functioning family or a family that does not function well. To use this tool with a functional family can help the family see how each other feels about other members position in the family. Also it can evaluate how the family values

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