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Topic: Critically review the notion that Apple Inc might potentially benefit from an “innovation value chain” and analyze the pragmatic difficulties in attempting to do so. Table of content I. INTRODUCTION 1 II. LITERATURE REVIEW 2 III. APPLICATION 6 IV. CONCLUSIONS 8 References 10 Appendixes: 12 1. Apple’s organizational structure 12 2. Innovation- type mapping tool 13 3. Influence factors of innovation 13 4. Innovation Value Chain (IVC) model 14 INTRODUCTION Apple Inc is an American computer technology corporation; its head office is located in Silicon Valley in California which is known as the heaven of many big technology and electrics companies. Apple was established in 1976 by Steve Wozniak and Steve Job under the name of Apple Computer; and in early 2007, it was renamed as Apple Inc. Apple’s products are very extensive with personal computers (PCs), mobile phones, music devices, and many other related high-tech equipments. Since 1990s, Apple has been one of the biggest giant in technological sector in the world. According to Fortune 500, a list rating 500 best US companies, in 2012, Apple is at the seventeenth position in this list and is one of three most profitable companies ( Nowadays, Apple has had nearly 15,000 employees in many countries all over the world. Since being established, Apple has always tried to “differentiate itself through elegantly simple design” (Christopher Meyer, 2012). This statement has been realized during the leadership of Steve Jobs and now new CEO of Apple, Tim Cook continues following this orientation. Consumers can easily see that the appearance of Apple products is quite simple and fit with many classes but their insides functions and characteristics are very fantastic. As a result, Apple has been successful in meeting the demands of customers, even of the most rigorous ones. In 2012, Apple’s

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