Driving Forces of Google

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Driving Forces that Shape the Organizational Environment of Google Bus 322 Organizational Behavior Abstract What are the driving forces that make Google so successful? According to CNN Money (2014). Google is the top company to work with a job growth of 20.1% and employ 42,162 employees. They profit billions of dollars each year while maintaining a diversified workforce. They have thousands of employees from all parts of the world and expect all of them to have the highest integrity. They listen to ideas and different perspectives from their employees and innovate different products each year. Google treats all their employees with respect and in return receive high quality work that’s puts them on top of the competition. Many companies have risen to the top of their field only to see it slowly fall apart. The question is can Google stay at the top of such a competitive market. Keywords: diversity, ethics, competition Driving Forces that Shape the Organizational Environment of Google. Google is a search engine that was founded in 1998 by Larry Page and Sergey Brin. They are located in Mountain View, California and has more than 70 offices in over 40 countries. The company started off small with just the two founders and created a search engine that is the most popular in the world. Even though Google is now a huge company, they are successful because of their approach on integrity, and diversity. Ethics and Character Google hires people that are smart and determined over someone who is experienced. According to About Google (n.d.) Google hails from all walks of life and speak dozens of languages” reflecting the global audience that they serve. Google has a code they live by “Don’t be evil”. According to About Google (n.d.) “Don’t be Evil” is about providing users unbiased access to information, focusing on their needs and giving them the

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