Heidi Roizen Essay

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Heidi Roizen Heidi Roizen was co-founder and CEO of T/Maker Company, which made software for CP/M and MS-DOS computers, and later for the Apple Macintosh. Roizen also served on the board of directors of the Software Publishers Association and was its president from 1988 to 1990. She is so famous in the silicon valley, and almost all of the CEOs of big IT company have close relationship with her. Strong network she established helps her in her way to become a successful business woman. In the early period after she graduated from Stanford University, she got a precious job among more than 60 people as the editor in Tandem, she was not so influential at that time. But she had great chance to get in touch with senior leader who help her in her later career. One of her quality we should study is, when we are not as influential as we can be noticed by most people, we must try our best to do our daily work. Only in that way can we have opportunity to get a promotion. Providence does not let down a man who does his best, she established T/Maker with her brother successfully and T/Maker quickly occupied the market. In the way the company develops, she established the popularity in using of her outstanding network with journalists. Because she is outgoing and desirable to contact the funny characters, she got acquainted with a crowd of people who can comments the products of T/Maker in public. This is some of the achievements of her early period. In the 1996, she left for Apple and served as vice President of global developer relations. When she came to Apple company, apple has lost the important sign of the market share and seems to have gone from bad to worse. Her main job is to maintain the apple with its 12000 external software developers, make sure that they, as always, support the apple platform, an d make them have confidence in the company's long-term development.
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