Apple 2002 Essay

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Case objective: For these two cases we can focus on their main concerns: Apple 2002: The PC industry is the fastest growing in the last 20 years, as well as the most changing and challenging one. By 2002 Apple was facing weak unit sales, flat gross margins and declining share in several core markets. While Steve Jobs was implementing new strategies and new products, he was facing the question, if this changes will bring the company back to life. Apple 2005: After releasing new products and shifting strategies, that had positioned the company as the top brand and market leader, Apple was facing the challenge of keep the company in that place, and if this would be sustainable in the long term. Brief history: Apple computers Inc. was founded on 1976 by Steve jobs and Steve Wozniack. While Jobs was the genius behind the idea, Wosniack was the technical wizard behind the product. After building the first circuit board and selling 200 units, they were ready to strike the world with the first commercial product the Apple ][, under the pillars that will become part of the Apple brand; easy to use and a quality product. This is the begging of the PC era, which shaped the world to what we know it today. Apple inc. (formally Apple Computers Inc.) is a Manufacturer, Designer and Seller of various consumer electronics including personal computers, media devices (including the iPod, iPhone and many other devices), accessories and peripherals as well as the sales of media (including music, video and many other entertainment mediums) and software to support the previously listed items, including operating systems, music and video applications and various other resources. It also offers connectivity and wireless services through the cell phone Internet access network. Apple’s advantage in creating these new products, is based on its already present loyal market, by currently

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