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By glancing at text H and G, we can see that the format of both texts is an advert and the main purpose of both texts is to persuade. This is evident through the heavy use of adjectives such as ‘brighter’, ‘lighter’ in text H and ‘high’, ‘big’ in text G. However it must be noted that the type of adjectives used within text H are concise in terms of their meaning, for example ‘lighter’ whereas in text G, adjectives such as ‘big’ are used which are broad and this pragmatically can be interpreted by the reader in different ways as there is no uniform scale of how big is big. Also, the use of declaratives in both texts also provides the assumption that both texts are indeed designed to persuade, for example, in text H it says ‘more capacious’ and in text G it says ‘high efficiency engine...lively acceleration’. The use of declaratives makes the reader aware of the features of the car throughout both texts and therefore sways them further into liking the cars. Pronouns such as ‘you’ are used within text H, similarly they are used in text G, ‘it’. The use of pronouns in both texts makes the reader feel a part of…show more content…
Both texts have an in depth paragraph describing the car and how it can benefit the particular audiences, for example, in text G ‘lively acceleration’ and text H ‘faster acceleration’. Also, both texts have a headline at the top of the text, text G having one that says ‘there’s room for the family in a Morris Minor’ and text H having one that says ‘this car has grown without putting on 1 inch’ which entices the reader to come and read on further. Both texts have an area which solely focuses on the features of the cars however the presentation of this is different. Text G has a sketch of what the new feature is and then explains it ‘roomy seating within the wheelbase..for riding comfort..’ whereas text H has a list of the features which are straight to the point ‘longer wheelbase: for more passenger

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