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Self-discovery has profound implications on the forming of an individual’s understanding of his or her purpose in life. The effect can be either confirming or reconfiguring of the persons perspective and direction in his or her journey through life. An individual may only find their purpose in life themselves, through their own self-discovery and cannot be influenced by anyone or anything. As Galileo Galilei said, “you cannot teach a man anything; you can only help him discovery it himself.” Self-discovery provokes understanding of an individual’s purpose in life through a process of self-reflection or self-interrogation catalysed by necessity, curiosity or wonder. When an individual embraces inner-discovery their identity is destabilised allowing them to access previously untold possibilities through the revelation of their purpose, values and passions in the journey of life. The concept of self-discovery and its ramifications on a person’s purpose in life is evident throughout Robert frost’s poetry including his poem “After Apple-picking”. In this poem Frost metaphorically recounts the persona’s inner journey of self-reflection, an important aspect of self-discovery in regards to building ones understanding of ones purpose in life. The concept is also manifest in the speech ‘A Journey of Self-Discovery’ by Tyler Devault. Devault expresses his personally opinion of the importance of self-discovery if an individual is to find their true purpose in life and demonstrates the ramifications of resisting self-discovery. He also illustrates how an individual can gain access to a greater understanding of purpose through a process of self-interrogation. Both texts use powerful techniques to explore different processes of self-discovery, self-reflection and self-interrogation, however ultimately both of these mechanisms of self-discovery achieve a more thorough
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