Allegory Of The Cave Comparison Essay

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Have you ever found yourself trying to rationalize the world around you? Trying to make sense of it all but the pieces don’t fit, the numbers don’t add up, and your longing for reason and understanding seem to unachievable because of the limitations of what we really do or can understand. What if those limitations could fade away, with just one pill? Your hunger for true knowledge would suddenly be attainable. Would you risk leaving the familiar, all that you know, and all that you have ever perceived and loved, to satisfy your need of truth? One’s quest to seek and understand would certainly vary from individual to individual, since no one holds the same views on life or may even be remotely curious to what may or may not be beyond them.…show more content…
The Matrix and The Allegory of the Cave have many parallels, and both hold the same unique concept of our perception of reality. I believe that one idea that seems to be running in both stories would be that the human condition is imprisoned. In the words of Morpheus “You were born into a prison that you cannot smell nor taste nor touch, you can’t be told what the Matrix is, and you have to see it for yourself.” In the Allegory of the Cave they are chained and bound, making a reality and a world around the shadows before their eyes. Regardless of what the freed prisoner may tell the still imprisoned humans, they will not be able to understand without seeing it for themselves. You can only have so much blind faith, and the idea that your entire life isn’t real, is such a radical concept that would be too hard to swallow without experiencing it for your own. Another similarity between The Allegory of the Cave and The Matrix, would be the need for a mentor. In the Allegory we have Socrates, who urges one to discover and learn freely, see things not as they are but for their possibilities. I see Morpheus as that kind of pedagogical teacher, he pushes Neo towards self understanding using the same kind of method as Socrates. Not telling the student the answers, but letting their minds ponder and

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