Anything Under the Sun Essay

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First and foremost I would to thank everybody who’s here in my final wake. My friends, my family and everybody who’s here. Thank you!! I promised myself I wouldn't leave this to my family and have them post something like I WAS A SHREW or something sucky like I was strong willed and awfully cheerful person awww put a sock in it will you. I wanna go like I lived, sippin' margaritas and laughing no folks dressed in black to pay their last respects to me...if I could have it I would have music and good food and have folks dancing and rejoicing my life. I had once witnessed folks dancing and singing while carrying an old man away and my mom had explained it to me that in his death too they were celebrating his life. I believe I have had a fantastic, funnerific life. I am blessed to have found love and friends, virtually and in reality and that is a lot to ask for. Just like love, death has eluded me for a long time, but I'm not complaining. I have had my moments and brief encounters of the kind since I was only months old. This past year I lost more than a handful of loved ones, a reminder that I wasn't getting any younger myself. I don't own a lot and my 3 most precious possessions I would distribute like first possession; my daughter, I would leave to my sis, the second ,my hubby. .well let’s just say I have plans for her too.....I wouldn't want her to be alone and become a mean ole (happy n single) widower now would I. Death is no big deal if you don't love life. But we get this lifetime opportunity to live only once. Then why not make the most of it while we are at it anyways. Its okay to be sad and down as these are a part of our life as well. To know happiness we have to experience sadness too. Folks are almost always uncomfortable when talking about death. They beat around the bush and avoid all associations with it. I'll be

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