Holden's 'Phony In Catcher In The Rye'

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Daniel Nguyen 6-06-11 Period 2 Catcher essay In the book “The Catcher in the Rye”, Holden is a boy that can either be insane or sane by comparing it to the world around him. How he does it, is using the word "phony" in his story to have the reader assume that the world is insane, but over time there are things that have been uncovered. Holden has analyzed his family as a representation to society and has finally concluded that the adult society is phony and corrupt. But the question is that can we really trust his conclusion of his family after him telling us that he lies hmself? If everyone is phony, then he is phony as well, saying if the world is insane will he also be insane?. Although Holden has says that he is a liar, he doesn't always realize if he is lying or telling the truth. And the distinctions between truth and falsehood becomes faint as…show more content…
Holden wants to unite himself with allie because she is a perfection to him. Holden regrets for what his decision was from the past up until now , and since Allie is dead, whenever Holden gets depressed, he does a penance, telling Allie out loud, "Okay. Go home and get your bike and meet me in front of Bobby's house. Hurry up." Holden tries to contain his feelings for her because she was the only girl that was perfect, it tells the readers that he isn't all that insane as he reveals his feelings. In the end appears to be a sane person as he took Phoebe to the zoo to ride the carousel, Holden says "God, I wish you could've been there." Seeing Phoebe on that ride made him feel warm and gentle, and on that day, Holden has matured. He finally understands a little more about and world and life itself. He no longer feels like the world is a phony really, but instead the world is contained of more then just what he thinks. He is thankful for what god has given him in the
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