Mexican Tv Dramas: Understanding Divorce

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Alejandro Guzman Professor Glenda McGee English 114.22 29 February 2012 Understanding Divorce One of the main things people do when they feel great chemistry and love between one another is get married. In the world today, there are a lot of people wanting to marry the first person they fall in love with. Some couples have very happy marriages as they work hard to maintain a healthy relationship, showing that marriage is what they though they expected. However, many married couples realize that marriage is not what they wanted so they turn to divorce as an answer to the problem. There are four main reasons for which they make this decision, which are bad communication,…show more content…
He and his ex-wife often argued a lot for any reason and there was a lot of jealousy. The couple got married after his ex-wife got pregnant; they signed the divorce after three years of marriage. He often visits his kid who now is five years old and the relationship between him and his ex-wife is much better than before. According to Javier, “Divorce is one of the events of greatest impact in the lives of many people. During the divorce the man model is now represented as being flawed”. As my friend said, I saw those cases in a lot of movies, books and “TelenovelasMexicanas” (Mexican Tv-novels or Mexican Tv-dramas). I think he was suffering while he was remembering and telling me his divorce, because I saw him a little sad but I think it was the best decision for them, his kid is his only priority. It was the first time I heard a testimony from a divorced man. He is finishing a major in Architecture and living his life very…show more content…
According to my aunt Flora Mejia, “Alcohol and the use of drugs are an ever- present part of our society and many married people get caught up in a terrible abuse of them”. My aunt suffered a lot because she loved her ex-husband. They never had children so that was a thing less to worry about. Their marriage ended after two years of being together. They didn’t exceed past twenty-seven years of age at the time. She never knew or heard anything about her ex-husband after they signed the divorce papers, and she hasn’t started a new relationship since her marriage ended. Finally my aunt said “I’m thankful to god because I suffered a lot but there was no physical abuse”. It was hard for me to hear a hard testimony from my aunt, but I’m very thankful with her because she told me something I did not know and she trusted in

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