Why Is Money Important In The Great Gatsby

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Money in The Great Gatsby Daisy Buchanan, Tom Buchanan, Jordan Baker, and Jay Gatsby were your typical 1920’s socialites In The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald. These characters battle greater love for money or a love for each other. Daisy has spent her whole life being a rich, spoiled socialite. So when she met Gatsby before he had made his money she knew she had to block out her feelings for him. Daisy had been raised to marry for money and keep her family’s name involved in old money and lavish events. Doing otherwise was socially unacceptable. When Daisy met Tom she may have once loved or still was in love with Gatsby, however Tom’s old money and social status was all that mattered to her. I don’t think social status and money are as important to Daisy as maintaining her reputation…show more content…
He married Daisy with sole interest in her social status and family name. He obviously doesn’t love her if he is having random affairs all the time. So Tom and Daisy basically just have a marriage based on money and social status so they really should just be business partners. Personally, I don’t understand why Nick tolerates anyone other than Gatsby. He goes to all of their dinners and parties when he really doesn’t like any of them. Nick just subconsciously wants to be rich and famous so bad he just follows them around all of them hoping someone might pay a sliver of attention to him. Finally, Miss Jordan Baker is the only character that is tolerable. Yes she may lie and cheat, but she minds her own business and just has fun. She does have money, but she doesn’t have to have affairs, marry rich, or have rich friends she can just do what she wants. Daisy, Tom, Jordan, Gatsby, and even Myrtle show that the want for money and fame is far more important than love and other people. Money in the end overtook the power of love in The Great Gatsby. These characters showed that they would do whatever it took to maintain their money and social
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