Antisocial Personality Disorder in Serial Killer

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CJ 497-01W Louis Webster Antisocial Personality Disorder in Serial Killer: Female and Male Accomplices The Serial Killer Serial killing has been around since the beginning of time, but not in the same form that it is in today. While in ancient times, many killed for power, revenge, or to satisfy a blood lust, today, most serial killers use their murders as a means to achieve sexual satisfaction or to gain control over another person. Serial killers have a ultimate and common personality profile. When serial killers are profiled their reasons are behind their aggression, and it’s uncontrollable and sometimes apparent. Many types of perspectives have been suspected by researchers and criminologist about serial killers, and how each serial killer has different agendas and reason for killing. Nevertheless, there are common traits found among all serial killers. Some behaviors can be found as early as childhood. Typical signs of danger in children include bed wetting, setting fires, and abusing animals. As these future killers grow older, there are other signs such as the desire to be alone, the inability to do well in school or hold a job, and family problems at home that indicate a future of aggression. In order to be called a serial killer, a person must have killed 3 or more persons over a period of time. Most serial killers kill for sexual gratification and to fulfill a world of some type of fantasy. Some killers kill for the thrill of brutalizing a person, and chopping up body parts for souvenirs (common in males). Serial killers are common among white males usually in their early and late forties. There is also the female serial killers who are known as “black widows, “ and normally kill for financial purpose, hatred and revenge, and in some cases sexual gratification. The purpose of this research is to discuss what a serial killer is and how Antisocial

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