Robert Pickton Essay

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Psychological Perspective (Drive theory): From a psychological point of view, the drive theory can explain the reason for Pickton’s action. Drive theory is based on a principles that human beings are driven by a force to fulfill their psychological needs and negative state of tension can be witnessed if they needs are not properly satisfied. When a need is satisfied, drive is reduced and the organism returns to a state of homeostasis. Homeostasis is a belief that human body works constantly to ensure that it maintains a certain state of equilibrium. For example, your body regulates its temperature in order to ensure that you do not become too hot or too cold. Also, drive tends to increase of a period of time. In this case, it was Pickton’s sex drive that led him to murder of forty nine women’s. I think that Pickton was not receiving enough attention in his sexual life since many of the women’s were prostitute and there would have not been a need for him to meet them, if he was satisfied with his sex life. Pickton sex drive is what initiated this story. Secondly, he did not have sexual encounter with one woman, but with many of them. This indicates the increase of sex drive and proves that Pickton actions were based on the drive theory since the theory states that drive tends to increase over a period of time. Another way of examining this case using drive theory is the drive Pickton had to kill them. Since most of the women’s were prostitutes and drug addicts and because of such personality, their status is tarnished among the society and this may have been Pickton attempt to eliminate them. Pickton, hatred towards these women was so severe that his body could not make maintain the state of equilibrium, which increased his drive to kill and because of this, he did not only kill one woman but forty nine of them. According to my research, Pickton confessed to

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