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Anson Funderburgh and his group have been performing since the late seventies blending a mixture of Mississippi Delta Blues with Texas funk. Sam Meyers intensified the influence of the delta blues when he joined the band in the eighties. Sam Meyers, age 63 is legally blind and a diabetic, brings a deep bluesy voice to the band that combines the basic blues progression with Texas funk to form an unique style of rhythm and blues. The group appeared not to favor any particular period as their set ranged from the basic blues AAB form to a fast paced funk, and a blues style rock. The group is comprised of: Anson Funderburgh on lead guitar. Sam Meyers on vocals and slide harmonica. John Street on keyboards. Danny Cochran playing the drums.…show more content…
Sam Myers’ vocals gave an impression of a deep bluesy feel that has spanned different genres of music. A couple of the songs had the readily apparent AAB form with the expected fill-ins at the end of each verse. Other songs felt like rhythm and blues or a rock style jazz providing many opportunities for varying length solos by all band members. Funderburgh and Myers’ slide harmonica did the most prominent solos. The slide harmonica solos conjured up a real “bluesy” feeling regardless of the tempo of the song and adding blues notes when needed. Anson’s guitar solos appeared improvisational exploring chords both in and out of the melody of the song. The keyboards provided the timbre of the song adding embellishments when needed and “taken away” when required. The bass and drums provided a steady rhythm section. While the solos were improvisational, they appeared to be rehearsed as to when they would be played in a song. The interaction of the band provided a comfort level of being together for a long time and creating great musical chemistry together. While this band is not mainstream, they keep true to their roots by playing what feels good to them

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