Koko Yiri.

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Koko: Yiri Western African music spread to USA and Caribbean through the slave trade. Professional musician is called a griot. A griot family passes it's knowledge through the generations through mouth to mouth oral tradition. Has had influence on genres such as blues, jazz and rock music. Key features used in western African music - repetition: melodies and rhythms being played over and over again - improvisation: melodies and rhythms being made up as they go along - call and response: usually a solo performer signs something and a larger group then repeats what has just been sung Layered textures: music built up from independent lines that are designed to be heard together All these are used in Yiri, Yiri is performed by koko. Koko is a group of six professional musicians from the country Burkina Faso. Three different sections Introduction - balafon solo using tremolo Main section - drums play ostinato and there is a strong clear pulse, halfway through koko sings using call and response between soloist and choir Coda - a short phrase for balafon played five times each varied versions, the drums is interrupted rests and a bell is used to end. Yiri means wood because most of the instruments are made out of wood apart from the bell. They perform the music from memory then listen to the recordings and note the music down this is called transcription. Balafon - like a xylophone it has wooden bars tuned to different pitches and gourds hanging down to make it sounds more resonant Djembe - a goblet shaped drum played with the hands Talking drum - played with a hooked stick used to imitate speech with different pitches and slides. It is in Gb major. Most of it is hexatonic meaning it uses a set of six notes in the scale not including F The balafon plays short patterns usually fall from high to low, emphasising Gb and Db the tonic and
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