Yiri Koko Essay

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YiRi KoKo Yiri Koko is written in Gᵇ major. Choir sings in chord, most of the time is in pentatonic – you only using 5notes. No real sense of chord, modulation and dissonance (note that clash). In African music like yiri koko, they all have some common features like, repetition, improvisation, polyphony, call and response. Repetition – the restatement of a section of music. This might be just a few notes or a whole section of music. Improvisation – the process in which music is made up spontaneously, without the use of written musical notation. Polyphony – a texture featuring two of more parts, each having a melody of rhythm line and sounding together, this creates a multi-layered texture. Call and response – simple from involving a solo (call) followed by a group answering phrase (response) There are different rhythms in this piece, like Polyrhythm, syncopation and cross rhythms, etc. Polyrhythms in this piece which is all the rhythms add together. Syncopation is playing off the beat. Cross rhythms are rhythms that don’t fit in the bar line. In African instrumental music, there are five common features; they are repetition (including ostinato), cyclic structures, intertwining melodies, improvisation, and polyphonic texture. In YiRi koKo, there are different instruments playing, like, membraphones, idiophones, chordophones, aerophone, balaphones, etc. The main drum is the Djembe, means healing drum. This is a drun that you feel better when you play it. Idiophones are something that you shake, shaker and bell. The Main drum includes Dun Dun and bass Drum. Aerophone is a stuff you blow. Chordophone is a string instrument. Talking Drum is a Donno and Balaphones are something you hit with stick. Xylophones, or balaphones are one of the most common African instruments. These are African instruments are made in several different sizes, providing a wide range of
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