The Role Of Music In Native American Culture

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Running Head: Music of Different Cultures Music of Different Cultures Alicia Watts Grand Canyon University MUS 252 Music Appreciations September 1, 2008 Music provides the soundtrack of our lives. We listen to music to pass time, to relax, and to set a mood. However, as important as music is to our lives, we seldom treat it as a window into history. In fact, American popular music provides an index into certain fundamental historical experiences, such as slavery and immigration. Every group of Americans had its own distinctive musical traditions. Native American Music: Music played an extremely important role in Native American rituals and ceremonies. In contrast to African and European musical traditions, Native American music tended to use only a limited number of pitches and made little use of harmony.…show more content…
There is the acoustic country blues and the electrified city blues. Three distinctive regional styles-Delta, Piedmont, and Texas blues--evolved into three urban styles: Chicago, East Coast, and West Coast. The blues has two basic musical forms. One form follows a basic A-A-B pattern. The performer sings a verse and then repeats the first line, sometimes with some variation. The third line completes the thought, often with a rhyme. A second form begins with the A-A-B pattern, but it also has an additional four lines, followed by a two-line refrain. The blues are about more than being sad. They were also delivering messages in musical code. There was the public transcript and the hidden transcript. In the face of domination, subordinate people must wear masks to conceal their true thoughts and identities. Although, music has its own distinctive language. There is a language of musical sounds as well as a language of musical elements. Musical sounds have certain distinctive properties: duration (the sound's length), pitch (the sound's tone), intensity (the sound's loudness),

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